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How can it help for an older child with ADHD who would like an artistic outlet?

A little over a week ago, I wrote a post about the upcoming World Cup qualifying series between the USA and Mexico and the first leg of the CONCACAF Cup between Costa Rica and Panama. In that article, I mentioned how the United States has the most talented squad in qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The U.S. has a very good soccer player base, but it also has some quality young talent in the pipeline (i.e. Christian Pulisic, Jordan Morris, Jordan Morris, Ethan Horvath, Tim Ream, Ethan Horvath, JT Marcinkowski, and Christian Pulisic). Of course, there is no guarantee that any of these players would make the team, but the fact that they are playing in an important competition should cause them an upward movement based on current results.

As for Panama, the same players are in contention for the starting position (Hutton and Martinez) as well as some depth. The depth of the squad is very impressive and is one of the reasons why the team has gone up and up over the years when it comes to rankings in international rankings. When I look at the roster, it seems like there is a lot of youth movement on both sides of the ball (at just 16 years of age, Juan Agudelo and Michael Bradley are not very experienced players). In addition, while some of the players in this section of the roster are younger players, like Jermaine Jones or Christian Pulisic, their positions on the pitch would likely not be changed on day one. Of course, this might change if the players prove they are capable of playing on the national team.

As a general manager, I do not want to go from playing well to being very good. I want to play my best games and win the World Cup. And while there are going to be some games that are going to be very close, it is probably very unlikely that two of these young players who have been called into the team because of their potential, will fall from their top spot in the rankings. The same goes with this generation of players. There is something to be said about playing for a coach who believes in them.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about I have compiled an online list of the top 100 in these rankings:

Top 100

1. Christian Pulisic – 5’10” 187 lbs

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