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MILWAUKEE — Gov. Scott Walker’s move to block Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Jim Smith’s proposed book on the governor’s ties to the Republican Party came as news of the bill’s passage set off a frenzied political debate inside Wisconsin.

After more than an hour of heated testimony on Wednesday, Assembly President Mary Madigan called Walker’s move “despicable,” telling reporters, “You will regret this.”

As Madigan spoke, a dozen lawmakers and staffers exited Walker’s Capitol office amid applause and chanting “Not Walker.” One man was arrested after refusing to leave the building in a wheelchair.

Democratic lawmakers expressed bewilderment that Walker sought to block the book without first giving a fair hearing, and questioned why the news had not become public sooner.

Sen. Lena Taylor, a Milwaukee Democrat who leads several House committees that oversee the state’s pension system and is a budget committee member, said she hoped the Journal Sentinel’s story would draw attention to the bill and force Walker to speak at an 11 am. hearing to explain what he means and to justify the veto.

“I do not understand what the point of stopping publication is,” Madigan told reporters outside Walker’s office. “Why would you do that to me? I am in committee in good standing. You go in there and talk about why you think this should stay online?”

But Rep. Bill Kramer, D-Middleton, the author of House Bill 3, had little patience for Madigan’s criticism that she is being selective in what she wants.

“How is that fair?” Kramer said. “You tell me what the reasons for doing this are, and I’ll come up with my own.”

On Thursday, Gov. Scott Walker held a public meeting with members of the Milwaukee County board of public works. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, has ordered a review of the budget, state workers will get two weeks of paid sick leave, and the state board for public aid would review how to pay for it in the last two budget cycles. Democrats in the House have also said they will review the bill.

If you read your New York Times for the long haul, chances are you have learned that the word “feminist” is actually a slur