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When I was in college in the 90s there was a little online painting program called “I Can Paint”. The name wasn’t much of a surprise as it was based on a game. I still liked it though and am very interested in trying it out. The program was pretty bare, very bare. It used a basic paintbrush, two pens and a blackboard. It took place in the basement and taught you to draw your own pictures in a simple manner. The thing about this program though was that it was a pain to start it up, you only had to put your mouse on a grid. You also weren’t allowed to move your mouse out of the lines when you was drawing, so it can get a little confusing. So for this tutorial I’ll be using a very simple illustration I found on The name of the game is called “Stairway to Heaven”. If you don’t know what staircase is (please do check out my tutorial on how to draw a staircase for beginners) it is a little thing you get in a lot of comic books, video games, and artbooks. In Stairway to Heaven the main character, a middle aged woman, is trying to descend a staircase into heaven. The story is simple, you need to get to the bottom of the staircase and find the ladder. The ladder only has three steps which are the bottom three of three. The way the ladder works is like this: If you can make the top three steps on the ladder, then you can make the second or third steps in the ladder. And if you can make the second and third steps in the ladder, and so on, then the ladder’s topmost step will lift heaven up and give you access to heaven. This game uses black and white rather than colour. You can see how the colour has been used sparingly compared to the regular use. You will see if you try to draw the ladder in full colour. There is no real point to me drawing this in black and white, I do it for the simple reason of being able to read the text and see the arrow of how you need to go. When you try to copy the arrow, you will notice it is not a straight line, it is made up of dots, which are circles. The diagram has arrows (and some circles), which you need to find the correct amount in order for the ladder to descend. All in all it took me about 40 minutes to finish this. I recommend doing this tutorial in black and white
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