Can online courses get you a job?

In some sense, yes. For many industries, the “internet of things” may well be the best invention of the 21st century. However, as far as it goes, the internet course is no substitute for a career in industry. Some of these new courses offer good training but can not take you outside the sector.

For those entering into industry, it is best to seek out one of the following career-development and development programmes:

ABSC – Australian Accounting Standards Commission

ACC – Business Development

DDS – Deselecting a Special Interest

ACCE – Australian Council of College and Research Academies

The Virtual Instructor Review for June 2020 - Painting Lesson Reviews
ACSE – Australian Skills Quality Assurance Program

MRC – Medical Research Council

IOMM – Industrial Ombudsman of New South Wales

NSW Industry and Manufacturing Council

SNC – Small Business Innovation Fund

SNS – Small Business Innovation Program

SMED – Strategic Investment and Development Program

TASESC – The Tasmanian Society for Education and Employment

TAESC – Tasmanian Assessment and Assessment of Entitlements and Training Services Council, Ltd

Other options include:

ACAD – Accelerate Accounting, Accounting and Science

ACB – Audit and Business Centre at the University of New South Wales

BCT – Business and Company Building

CAD – Certified Accounting Practitioners Certification

DEFC – Delivering the Workforce: Development and Innovation for New Zealand Business

ECIB – Entrepreneurship in Business I

EEAB – Entrepreneurial Economics, Business and Financial Analysis for the New Zealand Business Institute

GEA – Global Entrepreneurship Research Foundation

KIRI – Kiwi Entrepreneurship Research Institute

MEBA – the Business Innovation Research Institute

MESA – National Institute of Economic and Social Research

PICB – Business Education at the Public Service of New Zealand

SASB – Super Skills in Business

TUC – Time to Change the World

TREX – University of the West of England

To learn more about the types of course you can undertake from a course provider contact the university or industry or training provider closest to you who will be able to help you locate a suitable career path.

This infographic highlights the advantages of online courses versus traditional education.

This is a PDF version of this infographic.

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