Can you draw without reference? – Teach Yourself Art

Yes, you can draw lines, circles, squares, circles and other polygons. When you start drawing, simply set the shape and opacity as needed, then press start. You can save the image to a file, or save the model as an OBJ file, and import your project in 3ds Max.

How do I set my brush size?

Select an object by either holding down the ALT key, or by right-clicking, then choose Properties, then the Brush Size. On the resulting popup, adjust the value until the brush is big enough to show all the polygons. You can also adjust the size of the polygons to make them more detailed.

How do I control the brush size?

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You can change the size of the brush with the left or right mouse button or with the arrow keys, and you can even draw with a small scale between each brush. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.

Is there an option for using the mouse to change the size of the polygons?

Yes, select View->Object Size, then change the size with the mouse. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard, pressing ALT, right-clicking your mouse or pressing Ctrl – Shift together. Click OK to save your changes and you’re done!

Can you draw on a plane?

Yes, we’ve included some examples of how you can do that, including planes, rectangles and circles.

Can you move polygons without having to reset the shape, or is it a fixed shape?

If you turn your mouse or keyboard to position the view, you can move polygons. You can change the scale of your object, draw a line and then move the object without any resetting your model. But if you just look at your model, you will find that all polylines are the same size. That is impossible to draw as you would like to change them, as they are defined in a fixed value (the X plane).

Can you rotate?

You can rotate and position, but rotate with the mouse and not the keyboard controls. This is especially useful if you want to rotate around the central axis of the model. And you can rotate a lot of polygons around the center of the model. But the rotation will also affect the shape, and we can’t resize them like you can.

How do I change the opacity to see more detail in the model on high

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