Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Spray Paint Art Classes

To get the best results with acrylic paints, be sure to thoroughly clean the brush and end that will come out in the end. Wipes and brushes are great ways to clean but cleaning a dry brush will never be a safe option. That’s why my brushes are made from an ultra high impact metal.

Do you drybrush with acrylic paint or other brushes?

I use the following brands and styles of brushes:

Capella Creations:

Capella Creations, a small family company is based in the US. They have a fantastic small line with high end tools with excellent customer service and prompt delivery. Capella Creations is also a producer of high-end tools for painters, sculptors and illustrators. Their brushes are made in their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and can be shipped anywhere, with no middleman. Capella Creations brushes are hand crafted using hand-dyed and hand-painted pigment. The brushes in this line are made out of high impact metal with a high-performance finish. A large selection of Capella Creations brushes can be found online for sale with shipping and handling included to your door. Please contact Capella Creations for more information.

One of my favorites, and one of my favorite cocktails!

This drink is a cocktail that would have been popular during Prohibition- the original recipe called for a blend of Old-fashioned soda water and Old-Fashioneds. If I don’t mention it as the cocktail, you can never tell the old fashioned is actually an Old-Fashioned.

While OldFies are delicious enough for a summer cocktail, they are a bit overpowering for a cocktail, that has a nice mix of dry ingredients, and sugar and fruit with alcohol. My idea is to pair this with a shot or two of your favorite ice cold drink (I love Fanta and Sprite, but you could use any kind of fruit you like.) While this is certainly a unique drink, I wouldn’t have it as a regular drink for a party, but perhaps as a drink for a special occasion.

To make this drink, you’ll have to use a very small pitcher to make it… I did this by accident but it would be a lot of effort to make an actual pitcher if you did it correctly.

Here is the cocktail recipe I came up with:

Ingredients to make (makes an 8 oz pitcher):

8 oz. Soda Water with 0% (I like to

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