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Don’t be afraid to learn new techniques in order to make your canvases better looking. It’s hard to be original when your techniques have got you there. But there is no need to make up new techniques – it just encourages you to get creative and give that same ‘original’ look to your paintings!

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I believe that no one can truly know God until they come to know Him in their souls. That is a simple truth I’ve seen many times before, but I’ve never heard that taught more eloquently. I’ve read several books on the subject but I’ve still never encountered a more eloquent presentation than that of the Jesuit theologian, St. Ignatius Loyola. His words are simple but they are often misconstrued, especially to those who have never heard him speak. As with every aspect of the theology of God, the way to know him is to read what he has to say or study the Bible.

Theologians will sometimes quote St. Paul in their writings, but there isn’t much of him to be found therein. St. Ignatius Loyola, then, has been the most accurate and direct source to give us the teachings of St. Paul on this subject. I believe it’s time that we study them and learn from him. In today’s world of globalism when so many have lost faith in our human leaders, it should be no surprise that the theology of God is not popular but that there are people who still hold on to the faith.

One of the fundamental tenets of the doctrine of God’s existence is that He is not dependent upon an afterlife. He is, in the words of the Bible, “not to be grasped by the human intellect.” This concept of an eternal God that is not dependent upon an afterlife, is a great tool for a Catholic who is also a man of faith. The world of our imagination does not serve as a means of proving or disproving God’s existence. Rather, it serves as a means to help us see reality as it really is. In St. Augustine’s words, “the world is not for us an end, but a means for a means.”

Therefore, the life of man in this life will not be based on a finite existence upon death. Instead, “the soul,” which is an immortal, ”

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