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When I am creating an artwork, I try to keep in mind the artist’s own style. This can often lead a creator to creating similar art to work with. Just having a very specific style can easily lead to an artist not making any sense.

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I like to use the colors of my hand. It is very difficult to find something good when we don’t have the color to begin with, but it can also help with creating an atmosphere when I am working on my sketchbook.

Do you want a design book? Of course, if possible, I would love to create this.

My favorite sketchbook (with over 500 pages total):

What are “dramatic” pages?

Here’s a sample of my dramatic “page” which I used on a storyboard to create the ending of a TV show I worked on:

So, if the “dramatic” page is such a key element when the artwork is created, why are they called “dramatic” pages? Well, as I explained in “Why Designers Like To Use Dramatic And Interesting Pages”, these pages are designed to be very memorable – not just visually – yet also dramatic.

In other words, the artist wants to create a memorable moment in the work, but he/she is also trying to show how something would look visually. That way, when we look at the piece, we know we are looking at a unique, original artwork because it is in the style we’ve described above.

What is a “designers’ notebook?”

Many people know this term, but what many designers don’t know is that a “designers’ notebook” is a very important document to keep on your work desk.

An artist must have a design notebook because it has two reasons: It is an essential tool to maintain the overall look of your work, and it is a place where you can keep all the designs you are working on.

Here’s a quote from an article by Andrew Leung titled “What do I need to make good art that makes it to the screen?”

“It is a valuable document to have – the more important than the screen itself – because it is where your ideas are nurtured and the ideas you will continue to develop will flow out of any design ideas you’ve created,” Leung said.

I think that it is interesting that an artist may make an artwork in another medium before presenting that art to the screen. It

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