How do I become amazing at drawing? – Online Art Lessons For Kindergarten

It’s about being honest. Being honest with yourself. Not just with the words you write, but the way you draw it. In other words, you have to be honest with yourself in the way that leads you toward better, stronger, and more enjoyable drawings.

Are there any ways to improve yourself?

Practice. For example, when I do painting, I do get bored. I get bored very quickly. So it’s really simple. I find ways to keep practicing, like taking a notebook and doing my work.

A lot of artists get so focused on the details when they work. It makes me so mad because I know how much information I already have to process during the process of drawing. It makes the experience so much better, to have as much work as you can fit into one session. It’s also how I make my work more interesting.

How can I become more creative?

It all depends on how you start.

If you just start drawing, you won’t have much to grow from. However, if you draw a lot, you’ll get better at more creative work. There’s something I like to call the “majestic man” theory. For me, it’s not about being a great artist, but rather just being a better, more creative person.

How do I learn to read more?

My favorite book is The Art of Manliness by Bruce Sterling (I didn’t know him, but Bruce’s work is awesome – thank you!). He also says to pay attention to the big picture, to be a little bit more creative, a little bit more “unfinished” more frequently.

How can I become better at writing?
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It’s really hard – I still like to write! I think sometimes it does help me. If you write and just keep it up, you can really get an idea of what it’s like when you’re working on something. It gets you more focused and more prepared to move forward.

And one more thing. Write, write, write about things that are interesting to you!

What other books do you recommend for aspiring writers?

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