Is it too late to learn to draw? – Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers

By James Dickey

I’ll try to keep this short, but in the days to come, I’m going to make no exceptions for my fellow New Yorkers.

Drawing is an important skill, and an activity that every New Yorker should practice at the start of the school year.

That’s because we’re going to see a lot of our youth and the very best in their lives learn the craft.


There are thousands upon thousands of excellent teachers out there. So why not bring some of them into your classrooms?

Here’s how.

The best way to learn is to go around and find the best teachers available to you and learn from them, and I believe it is in your best interest, as you age and grow, to make the best use of your time by attending all the art classes in any given year. If you can’t draw, I’m confident you would at some point in time.

However, if you can’t draw, it means you’re not getting better as a person and artist. In fact it means that you’re not getting better as a person and artist in general.

So now that we’ve established this: we need to learn how to draw, and we do it in your classes.

But that’s not everything.

We need to go above and beyond in order to become what every great student is supposed to become.

Here are the best ways to learn in school.

1.) The most common mistake many people make is to use drawing as a “prerequisite” for anything else.

People want to know what their drawing is all about before they’ve learned anything else in their life.

This is a mistake and you’ll be sorry.
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Drawing a book cover is one important aspect of your painting or sculpture. In order for it to have meaning, it has to look right, be strong, and look good.

But don’t think that all that work is required to learn to create art. There are many areas of your life — school, work, relationships, hobbies — that can utilize drawing. And I’ve compiled a list here that will help you know what those are.

2.) When you learn a new technique, always go into it with the intent of improving your skill.

Don’t give up on your training completely when you try something new. There will be days when you’re like, “This doesn’t feel

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