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I love art classes – in fact, I went to an online art class for $15 in 2011. It was awesome. Online classes are all about networking, giving workshops, and getting to know everyone. Students bring items and bring their own materials, but the process of the class doesn’t need to be difficult. Just make sure to make it to class – you may end up in the same class with someone you may encounter in real life. You only need to bring the basics.

What are the best and worst things that have happened to you while going to an art class online?

My biggest nightmare has been taking something I could’ve avoided or had no idea was going to be so stressful. Online art classes are great for this – there are less obligations and you don’t need to worry about where your supplies are located. However, I can understand why some people do not like the experience or think it does not really prepare people for real life – especially in more crowded spaces.

I have made great friends through art classes and have met so many wonderful people through this wonderful medium! It’s been a really great experience to meet, talk with, and hang out with a lot of people you wouldn’t normally have had the chance to.

Do you have any tips for people that might consider a career in art?

Art is so subjective. I love it, but I am not sure it is the best job for someone who is passionate and loves to work in the art world. Even people who love art get frustrated and depressed when they don’t find something they truly love. It seems like art gets in the way of most people being able to get something done, whether it is a career path or just something fun.

What are your thoughts on the art world?

I think it does not have the best representation of Asian people today, and this is definitely one of the places where that is happening. Many people find it hard to admit they are part Asian when they go to art classes, but to Asians themselves, it still is an amazing and amazing thing that is making the world go around. I would love to see more of the Asian art world making an imprint in the greater world of art.

What are your thoughts on the art industry?

I love going to art galleries. It can be a really amazing experience that’s a mix of art, travel, meeting new people, and just relaxing in the process. I think art attracts people from every walk of life

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