How do you develop a drawing style?

I try to keep a few elements in mind, and I try to keep them relevant to the story and what they represent. Some people like to have a big drawing style that’s all text, whereas I keep things more organic and natural. As a young artist, I don’t have a huge knowledge of visual culture, so I try to follow a trend instead. I don’t know why a lot of artists get so obsessed with detail, but it comes from our culture not knowing a lot about what nature has to offer. So I try to maintain the natural texture of art and keep the drawings interesting to the audience.

It was a rough couple of weeks for U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., but apparently even rough is good.

The congresswoman’s office on Tuesday claimed she wasn’t even in San Francisco during President Donald Trump’s rally in the East Bay, where she told reporters the president tried to “tape her.”

An aide also told The Associated Press that the congresswoman’s staff had been told by Secret Service to stay clear of the president’s rally.

“We believe she was physically present when this happened,” Waters’ spokesman, Joe Kasper, told the AP. Waters also tweeted that she was “very proud” of her role in the San Francisco rally.

We are very proud of @MaxineWaters for her part in the largest mobilizing of activists in our history in the Bay Area! — Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) March 12, 2017

Waters’ spokeswoman later told the Associated Press that the congresswoman stayed in Washington, D.C., for four hours but was not physically present when the Trump rally took place.

The rally was held at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. It was intended as a rebuke by activists to Trump, who has angered them with comments about black protesters during his presidential campaign and a series of his executive orders on immigration, refugees and religious accommodations.

One protestor told the AP that Waters should have left more than a few minutes early at the rally, at the end of which she joined the crowd around the stage.

In case you hadn’t heard, there were some major changes coming to Bungie’s new Destiny 2 multiplayer beta on the PC this fall. That’s because the game is now being developed in the closed-beta environment, while the majority of the console beta is being