How do you draw an online course?

First thing’s first. There’s just too much at stake for any one person to be running an online course all by himself or herself. A single, successful participant isn’t going to be able to sustain a full website, let alone one as well-thought-out as PPTK. We believe strongly in this community and are not going to be relying heavily on a single individual to carry the torch.

How will I get started? There are many steps involved in starting a course, including the selection and submission of courses – check our submission guidelines below. In general, a couple of key things will make you a better porter:

Be able to write well

Have an idea of the type of porter you want to be (i.e. something with practical practical use and value for money; we like to think that is easy to spot)

Be flexible in your schedule

Be prepared to be responsible, but know your limits and have an open mind that can learn from yourself and others

Take responsibility in the development of your content (e.g. can you write a porter that can take a day or a week?)

Create a schedule, set goals and be flexible (i.e. you can use this course as a foundation, or add it as a separate course)

We don’t recommend any one course be a best seller alone, but rather we will try to focus the content around areas that are very common and relevant.

What are the costs for my course? PPTK courses are made with time, money, creativity and a lot of other people. But we believe in getting it done: we will not ask you to cover the cost of shipping materials from our warehouse; our cost is a set and fixed sum, and it reflects the overall cost of the course. So, it will be easier and cheaper for you to just buy them (or have someone in your local area pick them up), which means that there will always be a cost.

How can I pay? You can pay by card, PayPal or bank transfer (but note that bank transfers are not secure and may take a very long time to clear). Please make sure that your card or bank is linked to PPTK or its sponsor.

What is the difference between the PPTK courses and other online courses? These courses are designed for those who simply need to learn a new material and aren’t planning to do anything in the real world. All those who