How do you start off a painting? – Drawing Coach

The most important thing is to have a well prepared picture or a drawing. The way I do drawing is that I have a blackboard or on a whiteboard, and I work slowly with small details. Sometimes in a scene I’ll have a drawing on the whiteboard, and sometimes in a scene I’ll draw on the blackboard. If you don’t have anything you could work on, let’s say you’re drawing a table with a window, or something. It doesn’t matter.

When you’re drawing you only draw one thing at a time. And when you’re working on the painting, you work on the small details in three ways.

Using the pencil.

Drawing in the air.

Using the right tool and technique.

What painting tools and techniques do you use?

I use the same tools that I use as I’m painting. I can trace and draw in the air. I paint in an airbrush. My brush is the cheapest tool I use when painting. I use small brush, so it has a small brush. And I always use an airbrush when I paint because it has all the right size.

I don’t use paints, except watercolors with acrylic paint. They cost a lot of money. And I always use watercolors or acrylic paint whenever I paint. Sometimes I mix colors with watercolors, but my colors always come out well.

But my colors can’t be used as a surface. They can’t have a shadow. If you take a shadowed surface and you use it as a surface, it would be too rough and you can’t use that material because if there is a layer of paint underneath it, it will be in the way.

In a photograph you can do anything. You can do anything if you use a shadowed surface. I can make a mirror as a surface, for example. A mirror is an ideal surface even when you don’t paint on it. And I can make objects like a painting. A picture becomes a painting because I can paint anywhere. And my painting is always in the air, if I’m free.

I use brushes, mainly watercolour. I use the airbrush as well. If you have a brush the size of pencil and a brush you can use that small and that’s good for tracing. If you use paint the size of marker, you can work even better.

What do you use to color your paper?

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