Is art a talent or a skill?

The ability to get things done is a skill–or at least a talent. Not everyone is a good photographer, not even all photographers. Many people just cannot get anything done. If a photographer can’t get things done they don’t make art. They get things done on the cheap or by taking photos in their car, then walking around looking like a fool waiting for someone to shoot something. Not knowing how a camera is designed or working with manual settings in a flash is the opposite of a skill, and can often make even a competent photographer look foolish. In some circumstances you might get a great look if you shoot right down the middle with a lens that is not great at focusing or doesn’t allow for manual focus when you zoom in on a subject.

Art is not only about getting more out of yourself and the world you live in, it’s also about creating beauty not just through your artistry but through your art. When someone wants to get a photo with perfect focus they may have to spend hours finding a perfect focus point, or trying many images from various angles. Most people can’t do this. They need a hobby or a passion to live their life. And a hobby or a passion are not something to be ashamed of and that’s why people keep on creating art even when it seems easy.

Can you get into artistic or creative pain?

Pain is the art of moving things around because they don’t fit what they imagine, but to create something new. An old saying is that if there aren’t any painters in this country, there wouldn’t be an artist. Painters are people who work as painters and painters want to take a chance on doing something they haven’t done before. Creativity can also be an art if it involves pain. It’s hard to make an artwork with no pain, but it’s very easy to give a very bad painting an artistic twist. Artists, in the end, always have work just to keep doing.

Can you help others with their art?

Of course. Artists are all people in a job, we all have that one friend that can help if everything else fails to do. In doing this someone can help other artist. In other words it’s a way of life.

What’s a great advice someone gave you?

Don’t have a deadline. Don’t worry about how many pieces people in your genre have done. Be like, “Wow! I should be able to do 50 different pieces in