Is it too late to learn to draw?

A boy should spend his free time drawing, not talking to women… and if he wants to learn at all, what’s an American boy to do?

—Inequality is rising—so what’s the point in a college education?

—My parents have raised me well, I love them…

A few of the responses we received were interesting.

The first one comes from an 18-year-old, who calls himself a “manly man.”

At one point, he writes, “There’s no way you’d get a man to give you a girl to go marry.” In all fairness, this guy is probably talking about his mother—who was married when he was a kid!

In a similar vein, another woman calls herself someone like “a lady who does the housework and is good home-maker.” (That’s like, a nice woman who cooks and cleans, etc.)

The second woman says that being gay is no different from being female or white, and he “should do more work to be considered like a woman”—at least, if he wants to become a decent man. I guess, though she might be over-reacting a bit.

“A woman who goes for the job” is the most common response.

“My dad taught me that in college,” writes one guy. “His only complaint about it was he thought I got some girls after a period. I know now he was being a dick.”

I guess being white and male has its advantages. If you’re able to get that right, at least you’ll have some chance of winning over women with your talent.

It was only a matter of time, before Microsoft made a Windows Phone 8 handset, but they’ve only just started. Microsoft has posted three images of the purported new Nokia 3 and 4 to their Flickr page, and the camera is the real standout feature of the handset. The image above shows us a viewfinder, with 4.3-inch capacitive display on the front.

It’s unclear what other specifications the handset will pack, but the first look at the Nokia 3 and 4 suggests the latter will be capable of an 8MP camera with OIS, coupled with the new Snapdragon 400 processor inside.

If the first look at the Nokia 3 is to be believed (via Airtel) then the Nokia 4 is just as good, but we’ll have to wait for more information from a source close to the