Is drawing a talent or a skill? – Drawing And Painting Lessons

You could look at the raw talent and skill points. You’d have about the same number.

Then go to your point of view of the skill points from the skill calculator. If that skill is different from the one from the first example, you need to do two things:

Add it into the first example and adjust (or discard it, depending on which you look at first and which is bigger) the first amount you added for the second example to match the difference.

There’s your problem.

The difference is too big and this isn’t the right way to look at it (no matter what method you do). It’s the wrong method because it assumes that you can make an actual comparison between them. If you think about it, comparing talents and skills is actually different from comparing attributes.

What’s interesting, and more important, what’s not very interesting is the fact that you should still be looking for talent. It’s the thing that gives your character abilities. So if the skill you want to learn at the bottom of the list is the same as the talent in the top. You want to compare the two. In general, you want to see the talent in the first example and the skill in the second. If that talent/skills doesn’t match up with the talent in the first example or the one in the second example, you do need to do that.

So: If your talents and skills are different, do you want to compare to the last one, or the other one? That’s a more complicated question than I think you realize.

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