Is udemy a safe site? – Online Art Classes For Free

I don’t have any problems there, it seems to be the worst to get attacked and has a good reputation.
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However.. you say that, but your website is now “not safe”?

Are you now an unsafe website??

If not.. then why can’t the people who have to use that site also use safe websites??

This is a good question and for some time I haven’t really figured out the answer.

When you are asked to sign up to the platform at the moment you should probably just click on register or “Sign Up Now” and not really look at it too closely.. It will ask you to fill out your details which are not secure enough for the sites we are currently using.

It is also not clear if there is any security at this point to the sites we’re using as well and who could be using them.

I would highly recommend checking out the Privacy Policy or whatever website you are currently using as to see if it is suitable. I think that’s very important. We have had some people email us saying they couldn’t load a site that didn’t come with this information, even though we give it away to it’s users and it is in their own terms of service.

Another question would be:

How does the money from these site sales go towards your project and does it go directly to the devs ?

No, but the profits from these sales go towards the development of the site..

We would like to keep this project under control so that the project is able to continue, otherwise we risk our funding as well as the project continuing.

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