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[A] *gulp*

[B] The time for making art can be a very precious gift to yourself.

Don’t look back on a career that you’ve lost. Learn to appreciate what you’ve got, even if it has given you nothing.

[A] This was my first year at Yale, and I wasn’t very good, actually. My writing was pretty thin, or at least, it didn’t translate well to paper. I never finished a story I submitted to someone else. I always felt bad about that. I wish I could say I had come close to being good, but I never actually was. Now, though, I’m writing. I’m learning. I’m getting good at it. It’s only been a few months when I feel like I’ve made some pretty good progress. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in that sort of environment where you can just quit. I’m lucky I’m working with the artist’s friend of mine, who I’ve been talking to for the last few years, on The Last Chance Book. He’s got some really good things going there — a few people in this country, for example, have written great, moving, important books — but I just don’t have that sort of money or resources. I just got lucky.

[A] I’m working with a brilliant writer named Brian P. White. He used to be a big fan of mine, and he introduced me to him. He was the executive editor of Random House. The first book that Brian was able to get published by Random House at 20 was an anthology called The Black Talons by JH Williams. It was one of the first books he’d published.

[B] It’s a beautiful book. A real gem. I’ve been wanting to put out something like this for years now.

[A] Sometimes I think I’m writing for myself. But not on my own. I have a writing assistant who works with me full-time, I put on my own playbill, I write my own things like poems, I come up with all of my own thoughts, I get into the habit of thinking about stuff. It’s not really for me anymore. I used to think I was doing that so hard that the end of my own piece would be a joyous release when it would make it onto the page. Now I think that it’s easier to stop when I start.

[A] I was

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