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A major new discovery by the UK government’s own research suggests that there is a strong correlation between a person’s country of origin and their propensity to commit acts of terrorism. That is despite British students having the second highest rate of global terrorism in the world.

According to the study by the Government Technology Assessment Programme, ‘The Global Threat’, over 50 percent of the total number of terrorism suspects in 2014 were British, meaning that the majority of Britons were likely to have links to terrorist groups, despite representing a minor percentage of the global population. But there was a strong correlation between those countries that were home to the highest percentage of British terrorists and those that had the highest average number of British terrorist suspects.

Overall, the study indicates that the number of British terrorism suspects was approximately the same over time. It is worth noting that the study is only examining the number of terrorist acts committed over a certain period of time. To accurately assess the full extent of terrorism against the global population, researchers would like to collect records of terrorist acts committed over any period of time.

According to U.K.’s Department for the Crown Prosecution Service the number of terrorism incidents increased by around 13 percent between 2011 and 2014, suggesting that the proportion of the world’s population that is susceptible to radicalization to violent extremism has increased.

The analysis of the data indicates that people living in Britain are the fourth most vulnerable to terrorism in the world, behind Lebanon, Denmark and France. However there may be a correlation between individuals living in British-ruled countries and increased threats of terrorism.

The study’s findings suggest that the more terrorist incidents are committed on British soil, the greater the threat that the UK faces from extremist ideologies. However, there is no reason to assume that this trend will be reversed because of the country’s own political instability and the recent rise of Donald Trump as a potential President of the United States.

Rights of Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi has filed an RTI seeking RTI details of the orders of the Supreme Court, the CBI and the National Commission

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