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When I started, I was a bit shy.

My brother taught me how to draw, and I couldn’t stop drawing pictures.

And the first thing I did – well, that wasn’t the first thing I did.

I drew a picture once for the first time, and I was very surprised.

I told you I would like to do it. And I couldn’t stop drawing pictures. In that first drawing, I had a lot of confidence.

When I started to draw, I wanted to do that. But I didn’t want to look at myself and think that what I was drawing was terrible. That’s where the artist comes in. What are you trying to portray? Your soul to the world, your personality to the world, your feelings to the world. Don’t worry about my feelings. I’m not thinking about you, I’m not thinking about your feelings. I’m just trying to make a drawing. Not too good, because I know how boring it is, but not so terrible that it won’t be good. It does not have to be perfect, just right.

It’s a skill. Not something you can just have.

So once I started to draw, I just didn’t stop. I was not thinking so much about how that drawing would look. I had to draw it.

I learned a lot. I learned that you could draw if you are tired. That you could just start with the basics. That you can be really, really lazy and start with the hardest subjects, and end up with something that’s good. It really teaches you everything you need to know about drawing.

Sometimes when I have a drawing ready to send, I go to sleep and it’s a bit more difficult than it looked in the morning, because then I get back to drawing.

I have to draw the entire book – all the characters. Sometimes when I’m finished it’s so bad that I will have to redraw it. If I’m working on another character, I just start drawing the previous character again. I put every drawing that I see in it, or in the middle of other character’s drawing, back in. I’m like, “It’s all here. I did it wrong.” And I make it right. I like that feeling.

I can see a character’s face, and I can see them talking to each other, so I just draw everything that I can do.

I love

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