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“In a way, the whole thing is part of the new generation, where young people are looking for a way off the grid,” he says. “The main difference is that they like to build things. They like to be creative.” Some of the more ambitious projects he has worked on involve the creation of a flying, remote-controlled quadcopter and a robot called BAMF, which uses a battery pack to carry out emergency medical services within the home.

His current biggest challenge is “getting the equipment out of my house,” he says. “It’s like going back to being a kid, and you’re not sure where you want it. That’s also, in a way, what I like to do. I like building for the future.”

He admits that flying drones “won’t ever be the main thing for me”. And of the thousands of people who have been working as an independent contractor in the U.S. lately – many of them flying as hobbyists – he doesn’t regret it nearly as much as he may have. In fact, he might say that the only thing he misses about building his own personal aircraft is “the freedom of flying, with zero fear of crash.”

For the next few months, he’s spending most of his time, he says, flying drones on a small scale, “somewhere like a garage, where I have a small quadcopter and a little backpack.” He’s also starting to build some larger models for his personal use. Most recently, the U.S. military, which is now working on new unmanned aerial systems (UAS), turned to his help. In a recent interview with Wired, an

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