Can I learn drawing online? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Planet

No, unfortunately drawing lessons are not available online.

What if I don’t like the program?

We’d love to hear if you’d like to try it out and if so would you rather just email us at It might take you a while to get through them all.

Does it count towards my Art of Shark degree?

Yes; we also offer a course in digital drawing and designing.

There are countless stories in the media about the rise of self-driving vehicles — from how it’s already changing the way we live — to the many times we’ve passed by the cars themselves. Here are a few examples.

The Boston Globe published a long article about “the world’s first self-driving car” this week (emphasis added). The article talks about the team who developed it. It says, “It’s called the Self-Driving Car Project, and it’s the creation of a small team at Google.”


A couple of people I’ve talked to about this claim have told me (both in confidence and privately) that this is not the case, and that this is just a publicity stunt by Google.

In a new post on the blog “Driveline,” the founder of the self-driving car project, Matt Grossman, writes, “The Self-Driving Car Project is just a publicity stunt. I built it so people have something to look at.” He continues (emphasis added):

It’s no secret that most of the innovation you read about in the media about self-driving cars these days is probably a total myth. The vast majority of the car companies, in fact, have shut down all research, development and testing or are actively working on car crashes and crashes in traffic. In the meantime, millions of people are living in the technology bubble and are looking for anything to distract them from seeing the very real problems our transportation system has created.

A Google spokesperson says, “We are not involved in the project. We haven’t built, nor are we interested in building, a self-driving car in the laboratory. Our self-driving cars have been tested in real-world driving conditions, so we can’t comment on them. The project was started by engineers at Google who are working on it full-time.” The engineer or engineer team that built the car has “no idea” what it will be used for, the spokesperson says.


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