Is udemy drawing course good? – Best Online Art Lessons For Kids

It wasnt a bad teacher, so if u like the course it is worth paying for. I was going to spend 4-6 months on it and I’m so happy i did because i enjoyed drawing and am glad u guys are on my side! -Nate (03/25/2012)

Wish I was able to spend more time online, just like you! -Sarah (03/25/2012)

I bought my first drawing course and was amazed how easy it was. It got me started and now I am more comfortable drawing my pictures online. A very professional and good course! -Amanda (03/22/2012)

Woo! My first drawing course! Very clear and easy. -Michael (03/20/2012)

It was really, really good; thanks so much for the tutorial, you are the best. -Nadia (03/13/2012)

I really appreciate the easy tutorials and the way the teacher really explained things. I was nervous and didn’t understand everything but the whole course taught me a lot and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutorial. I learned alot and I like it even more than before. I’m really happy that I can practice by myself or with other students. Thanks again, I think I’ll buy the 2nd and 3rd part from this course! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep it up! Thanks, you guys are amazing! -Vee (03/5/2012)

First class thanks, I’m not so sure about the 3rd/4th, but I know I’m gonna get the 4th, I already bought them and i’m getting ready to begin. I will be buying the book for art this year and I’m interested in your future books for this topic to see how well you guys will understand art and how to make a drawing course easy for everyone. Awesome tutorial and very good job! -Gareth (02/27/2012)

Thank you for your very helpful and informative course. I bought your Drawing with Pen and paper online courses and was amazed by how easy it is to understand and practice your art. In addition, the course is great for beginners because you focus all your teaching attention on the drawings rather than on the theory. Your website is very informative, I hope to go back and learn more and keep your tutorials on the web for me and my students. Your site has changed my life and now I am a true art student!

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