What are the different types of painting?

First of all, I like to paint with acrylics and the first way to use them, and the one that I’m pretty familiar with, is in oil. You can get a ton of painting materials at art stores or at small indie art stores and the more expensive the better.

Another way to paint is to use glazes. These are really nice paint brushes with paint that you pour on and dries to be able to work with it at a very fine scale. These are often found at art stores and are typically what I would give people who wanted to brush painting, which I can do on my work, because I do my pieces very quickly.

You can do a ton of paint and get results much faster using oils. It comes down to a preference, you do what works for YOU to get the results you want for your style. The only problem I see with oils is when you want the results you wanted you can never have too much of them. You can paint and get results in the short term if you mix a few different things, but eventually you’ll have to start finding what works at your level of control. I think this is why I have been so successful when painting oils so I can use a ton of different brushes and work with a ton of different materials and paints. Once I have control of something, it’s much easier to work with it.

You paint often in oils.

Can you describe your style?

Well my style is definitely influenced by Japanese paintings, but it doesn’t always have a visual impact. It’s usually the result of a combination of technique, ideas and time of paint. The reason I’m not trying to change my style is because I don’t have many good paintings at the moment, I have a lot of work to do and I’m not in any rush.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

My future plans involve traveling to Taiwan to study traditional Chinese painting, I’m learning Mandarin a lot and a lot of Japanese and then maybe go back home to Taiwan.

What’s your favorite type of painting?

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I like to combine different themes and colors to create different moods. I like to use acrylics with a lot of gold and gold colored glazes in different colors and I use to make some abstract paintings too.

You do some of your best work when you’re relaxed.

For a lot of my pieces I do something like this, I have a couple people in