Is art a talent or a skill?

I believe that creativity is both. I’m going to take my time here, first.

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For starters, I just love painting. I don’t know how many times I’ve been at a family festival (not the big ones like Citi Field, home of the New York Giants) and I’ve been doing something different from the other people there. This was the most recent example. I didn’t even need to paint the tent with balloons, I just had my mind blown. I love being able to capture the emotion of the moment without ever having to say a word. I’m a creative kind of person and as such, there’s something appealing about the creativity and immediacy.

My other hobbies include golf and playing with my three sisters (I’m the youngest). But one thing I have always been an avid fan of is Disney. I have a lot of respect (and a lot of fear) for the fact that Disney is the biggest thing going in the world right right now—it’s a big force, much like the internet, except it’s much bigger on a global scale that makes it hard to understand what is happening anywhere else. If there’s one thing people love better than another, it’s a good Disney movie. I have a large collection of classic films and video games and I also enjoy the art that goes along with those things. It’s a bit like a hobby, a lot of people can get into it; I don’t enjoy it so much but I think it’s still a good thing to have.

My favorite place to go to Disney is of course Disneyland, as much of this stuff I know now that I wasn’t there. But I love going to most of the other major theme parks, particularly Disney World. Not because I’m a huge child-molester, but since I was little I have been exposed to all sorts of Disney movies and TV shows on our television that I still watch.

What are your favorite places to visit in the United States? I’m definitely not a fan of the outdoors or beaches—I want to sit and feel the sun on me, I want to stay in my home and just go to sleep. My favorite place to go is Florida, but there’s a lot of other places you can go to where everything is cool—even in the outdoors—it’s just all about the weather. You have to think outside, you have to think beyond your comfort zone. If it’s cool for your skin to do something cool outside, then it