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There are a few different tests required to get your job. This is a general list from top to bottom.


The standard GMAT exam consists of the following sections:

1. General knowledge

2. Quantitative Reasoning

3. Writing

4. Critical Reading and Writing

5. Reasoning/Reading

6. Critical Reading

7. Writing 2. Reading

9. Analysis and Reasoning

10. Writing 2. Reading 2. Writing 10. Analysis and Reasoning 12. Analysis and Reasoning 18. Analysis and Reasoning 24. Analysis and Reasoning

The GMAT is a two-hour long test that has two parts: one part is done by reading the book and the other part is a practice exam. You get a lot of questions during the practice part like where to draw the line between a question and an answer and if answers are ambiguous or not valid.

When is a GMAT required?

All new positions require a GMAT score at least 65% to get hired. Currently employers cannot hire for that score unless they have at least some previous GMAT.

How quickly does a GMAT score go up?

The GMAT exam can get you hired as fast as two years after it is released. It varies on your performance, the type of employer and even individual score. For that matter, your scores at the time of your application will also vary according to your performance at the time of application as well.

It is a general rule that an average GMAT score in 2016 was 145.

The GMAT exam has been available since 2006 but it has been hard to find an exam. This is no longer the case. The GMAT is now readily available and accessible from any computer via your home computer and the internet. It was actually pretty good when it first launched. Now, the GMAT has changed it’s format significantly which is why most test takers struggle to pass it as a newbie. Also, more and more companies are starting to require additional material such as GRE or GRE-Plus which is the same as the GMAT. However, it isn’t enough to beat the GMAT.

If I can’t pass the GMAT what can I do?

Well, there are two options if you cannot get the score needed to be hired. The first option is to apply to a place that doesn’t take the GMAT,

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