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I’m in no place to be teaching developers how to make money doing what they love. I have an interest in teaching developers how to use the free code editor, and then they need to use it to create their own apps. That’s my business. I’m not here to get rich through app sales, I’m here to show developers how to use a free code editor to create stuff.

In this case I’m giving users instructions to create tools for their own apps as they learn to use the app.

Do you mind being mistaken for Apple?

When you think of Apple I think of the big black screen.

Apple is a company that focuses on creating tools for people to consume its products. Apple is not a business that does sales. They focus on building tools so that consumers can use them to consume whatever they want.

Do you take a certain amount of interest in people who make $1 million every six months, say or are $50k for three years?

I think of what’s going on in this room if I was in Apple, and I think about it as a company that doesn’t just focus on creating great products. I think about it as a company where those people make a living by building things for people, and making apps that people enjoy using.

I don’t try to judge anybody who makes $50,000 or more per year. It wouldn’t be a fun, fun business. It would be a depressing place to work.

That’s where I’m at with that.

DALLAS — Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says some people have been “very hurt from my comments over the past few days” but he never meant anyone harm.

Cuban made the comments in an appearance with the Dallas Morning News on Monday.

“I was trying to be kind,” Cuban said. “Just try to help these kids.”

He added that he was not trying to offend or hurt anyone.

The Mavericks’ All-Star point guard had made waves Saturday by posting on Twitter about a recent shooting at the Dallas nightclub Pulse. That shooting left 49 people dead during a gay nightclub.

Cuban said he “wanted to be nice” and not a target of those who disagreed with him.

On Saturday, Cuban responded to Trump’s initial statement on the tragedy, offering condolences to the families of the victims and encouraging them “to stand with us.”
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At a news conference Monday, Cuban praised

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