How can I be good at sketching? – Pencil Drawing Apps Free For Windows 10

“When you’re a beginner, it’s best to practice drawing a lot,” says Susan O’Mara, author of Drawing with Sketchbook. “It helps you understand shapes and how the camera looks.” When the time is right, look for an opportunity to sketch, especially during the daytime hours when you have more time.

“If it’s dark, or you have a big blank space, drawing will come naturally to you,” O’Mara says. “You can also draw on your laptop while lying on your back to help develop your anatomy in perspective.”

What’s more important than the exact placement of the eyes or the shape of the nose?

“Practicing is the only real way to learn,” O’Mara says. “Once you’ve tried drawing, you’ll have the confidence to work in a sketchbook, and this will help you get your head around the shapes and how you put them together.”

O’Mara’s favorite drawing method is drawing using a ruler, then marking which line touches the surface of the paper with a pen. “It’s much more efficient than trying to guess how your drawing will look,” she says.

How do I get started with drawing?

With sketchbook practice, you’ll get the confidence and confidence you need to draw in traditional sketchbook format, O’Mara says.

O’Mara suggests starting with a blank sheet of paper, then drawing and putting it away while you sketch your ideas. She recommends holding the drawing tool horizontally. Next, slowly tilt the drawing tool until the paper is slightly larger. Once you get the hang of this, move on to practicing on paper — with a ruler, pencil, pen or whatever you prefer.

O’Mara thinks you’ll find you’re always getting stronger in drawing. After you’ve mastered drawing, you’ll never look at paper the same way again, she says.

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