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A 1 is the easiest but most expensive one. Even then it would be rare. A 1 pencil will cost £25.40, or $31.45 at today’s prices. That will buy you two sets as a good starter set and £10.10 each for the extra set of three (3 x 2 + 2 x 1).

What is the value of a pencil that is good to use at any price?

A value of a pencil will depend on how much money you value good pencils, which we’ll use as a standard and arbitrary scale. A good pencil is any pencil that is good to use at any price and is not a ‘common’ pencil that may be worth hundreds – or thousands of dollars. A common pencil is a pencil that may be used by 1,000s of people at any price. This is often referred to as the value of 1,000.

Example: A pencil that cost £10.00 and is good to use is £25.00. It is not rare and is of value to use. How many people would accept that type of pencil? Is it worth more that £30.00 because it is cheaper or more expensive because it is a rare or good model? That is a value discussion. The answer is it depends on your perspective but with most people it is a decision based on the value of the price and availability of the cheaper pencil. If a common pencil costs more money, its better value to use that cheaper one.

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So how do we compare?

Let’s say I have a £10.00 pencil that costs £10.00. If I bought it used at £20.90 on eBay I will have bought it on a more acceptable cost basis. The cost of a good to use is going to be more if you are buying from eBay than from the actual site which may be ‘the cheapest’. A good can be of higher cost from the eBay than the retailer. So let’s see where that pencil would make you more money in one year than using that same pencil from the same retailer that you can buy new for the same price online.


David purchased a 10,000 point A1 Pen from an online marketplace for £2 and has no desire either to buy a new 1,000 point A1 Pen from the same store at the same price or to pay the higher cost for it at local stores. David has the same basic ability to use a 10,000 point pen

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