How do I create my own drawing style? – How To Draw A Girl Step By Step Pencil Sketch Drawing For Beginners Face Drawing

For the first time I’m using more of a personal touch, less on the black and white, and more on color. I’m drawing more on my imagination and a feeling rather than a design. I can feel the mood of the scene and create my own color palettes.
Gallery of Pencil Sketches

What techniques are used to draw?

If I’m making a design for a book, I draw with pencil on paper first so the outline is set before doing the pencil lines and colours. I’m not a fan of drawing with a brush because it has its limitations. I love to have the brush at the ready, but the hand brush is better for the hand. The fingers have a lot of power so I try to keep them small by using larger thumb, index and little finger tips. After that I draw using just the brush and a lot of light.

Who are some of your inspiration?

I just have to have something interesting when you’re drawing a comic. If I have an idea for a comic book, I’ll have to give it some thought and try to make it stand out from the rest. Some of my favorite artists are James Harren and John Buscema.

So, what does a comic mean to you?

At times I can forget just how important a comic really is, like when I started the art of comics I was just trying to make a living. Now I’ve got a job as a writer, and the book I work on, the graphic novel is one of my biggest success moments in my life. All I ever wanted to do was try. I hope it can inspire you to write, draw or paint something you can love.

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