How do you sketch an eye? – Pencil Drawing Images Of Village Girl

We use a soft brush. It helps to make the eyes appear much larger.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I draw everything around me! Especially when I’m writing a sketch or doing a drawing. If I feel inspired, and I notice a piece I like, then I’ll sketch it. I love sketching a variety of shapes.

How do you write a letter?

I use the lettering tools in Photoshop. I then sketch an idea for the whole thing using the lettering tools. I really like using the lettering tools here to see where the line can be stretched.

When I’m drawing a letter, is there any special inspiration?

I like to have my creative juices running at night sometimes when I’m not working.

What’s the hardest part of sketching?

I prefer to sketch by myself. But every once in a while…I’ll take someone else on it.

Which sketching tools do you use the most?

I typically sketch by hand, but I use a lot of different software.

What’s the secret to getting a good illustration?

Drawing is all about patience, and it’s all about knowing what you want. It’s not about who can draw the best and who can get it done. It’s about the process, it’s patience, it’s skill, and it’s knowing what you want.

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What are your best drawings as a beginner?

I’ve drawn a huge variety of characters and situations.

What’s the best way to draw a figure?

One approach that I know very well and use a lot is to sketch a figure, and then to add details with my finger. From the perspective of a standing person, it’ll look like the person is really small compared to the shape of the figure.

What are some of the best tutorials on how to draw a figure?
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Here are a couple that I use, and I love, and would recommend them.

“Drawing Figures as an Art Form” by Daniel Scholz.

“Drawing Figures, Lines and Spaces” by Daniele L. Caputo.

What’s the best way to learn?

I recommend getting the best teacher possible and having them show you different kinds of drawing methods. Here are a few of the good ones:


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