How do you sketch an eye?

– It’s something I did over and over with pencil, paper, or both until I had a full expression. I think the most simple and least complex one is just a circle. What makes the most difference is how it’s drawn. But I feel like most people won’t get the connection to an actual eye until they’re able to draw what it looks like in reality.

The other thing to think about is that a character doesn’t look like what exists in the real world. When you’re describing something in this world, you’re describing it through your imagination. When there’s no life around to reflect what you’re asking, you have to interpret it from the outside in. And as I see more and more of myself through my art, I think it is a big part of what I do. I have a personal fascination with how I see myself, but I never see myself in a mirror or in a photograph. So when drawing a character of mine you have to go with your gut and try to see how you see yourself. I hope that it shows in some way how you might read me to make a good or bad impression on others.

If you want to draw yourself with a full expression of what you know about yourself, I really hope you check out this course. It’s free at I love how interesting it is to get to see a lot more and better examples and ways of drawing people, like drawing myself out in the bathtub. The videos are just really awesome and interesting. There’s been some criticism about the course because it was made in 2008 and it’s basically the same course that’s been in existence for years, and I understand why you think that, but my goal is to make it more advanced, more helpful. I think you’ll find that the material is now better than it was in 2008. It’s a lot more accessible and accessible means more people are more aware of it.

– You have your own Twitter feed now?

– Yeah, I think so. I got started by sending stuff on twitter. I’ve been very selective with everything I post. I love that I actually understand what I want people to learn. Before I got involved with art, I was in tech for 12 years. I spent my time working in marketing and sales and all kinds of things. But it doesn’t get me any closer to my dream of being a game