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Most of us use a medium-sized pencil.

“Medium” is probably a good way of summing it up.

And what is a pencil but a medium-sized pencil?

A medium-sized pencil usually is a very nice, large size.

It is a really, really fine pencil, and it will fit in many people’s hands.

This large, fine-sized pencil can be very useful.

You can see why I like a big pencil so much.

What do I mean by that?

Well, just like a big, fat book, a medium-sized book needs a lot of room in your hand.

What you may not realize is how much you’ll get used to using a medium-sized pencil.

What a really solid pencil does for you is:

It fits your hand perfectly

When you hold a medium-sized pencil, you don’t need to get your eyes all the way around the page.

Your hands have plenty of room to work with.

And you don’t feel the need to look down at your hands a lot at the end of a day.

It just works.

So… how do you buy a medium-sized pencil?

Use some common sense.

Look for a pencil which is:

Large—in particular, very fine—and is a medium-sized

Very fine—especially when you’re going to use a very small pencil… if you want to draw a very small object (like a dot, a hairline, a line, etc); the nib needs to have a good grip

Medium—in particular, a wide-sized pencil, which means that it will fit in your hand.

And it does these things.

Here is a list of common sizes and the types of pens they use:


Mediums come in four basic shapes.

These four shapes are:

Square (S)

Flat (F)

Ball (B)

And these shapes are:

Point (P)

Bend (B)

Flatt (F)

Note that they all share the same basic characteristics—they are all mediums, and they all come in various sizes.

The problem is, of course, that we’re not all very familiar with the four basic shapes.


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