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There are many different kinds of drawing styles, but most commonly (as you can guess!) it’s called “flat” style drawing, which is how you normally draw a tree. Most popular types, however, are still not considered flat, so the next four types are “pancake” style, “scatter” style, “tribal” style and “fairy” style.

The Pancake Style

It’s basically a pancake with one or two very little pancakes in between them – like an old bread pudding of two pancakes in a half-full glass.


These pancakes, of course, should contain one or two small leaves on the side.

The “Scatter” Style

The scatter style of pancake also has a good amount of leaves on it (if you are really good at reading artbooks, you might hear this called “wispiness” or “fluffiness”).


The pancakes also have a fair amount of holes in between them, as we don’t want our pancakes to stick to each other if they get stuck together in our mouth.

The “Tribal Style”

There isn’t any more pancakes to the side of the pancakes, or of the pancake itself?

No? Good! I’m glad you asked. Here’s a little description, from one of my own drawing class in elementary school:

“The Tribal style of pancake is where the pancake contains a small amount of grass leaves in between the three pancakes, but no visible leaves. There is a lot of empty space between each pancake. It could be a sign of how the Pancake is getting too cold and is starting to become stagnant. It could also represent the pancakes being too full and taking on a rough texture. The three pancakes are not even touching each other, and if the air bubbles are too large, this could be another sign.”

The “Fairy Style”

There is also a “fairy style” pancake, in which the three tiny pancakes are filled with small pink flowers (like fairy wings).


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Also, it’s a nice way to practice drawing a “fluffy” style without having messy lines, especially while doing it as an experiment.

The Tribes of Pancakes and Flowers are my favorite.

How do you make an pancakes?

All you’ll need for one

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