What do you call a drawing of a person?

Paint your own.

The one thing you learn about an artist is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they have a very interesting side to them. I think, I do, because I also have an offhand remark about how I think art does something, and I call it creative. I think art does something that is true, and maybe it is true and maybe it isn’t—but it’s still true enough to make you want to do it in the first place. It’s like having to think about who’s a friend to you. It’s very strange to think about that sort of thing, so it’s hard, but it’s really important.

So you don’t have any problems with the idea of taking the piss?

Oh, absolutely, and the same for all of us who have an idea. I think that all art is art, and you can be in complete agreement with it both in your mind and in your heart. It’s very easy to be on your ass; you have to admit when you’re wrong, and take responsibility for the idea. And we have to work very hard, as artists, because it is the nature of art to try to get at the most intimate and most personal aspect of the human, and that becomes difficult if you’re not very careful. That’s what we want to get at on the record, and if we have a problem with that, it’s because we tried to get at the very deepest idea of ourselves that we have, and our art, and that was very hard to do.

And there’s the real truth of it.

Yes, absolutely. You have to acknowledge that this is the best you can do.

By David Ching

The recent discovery of a 2,000 year old mummy with a skull and a thigh bone in a Chinese cave appears to contradict a theory about the early development of human thought, according to scientists.

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The mummy, named Zhou Yuangyang, was reportedly found in the Yangzi river basin of Yunnan Province during excavations for a new railway from China’s Henan Province to Tibet in April 2017.

It was initially described as a “male with a full set of teeth.” After preliminary studies by scientists, a team led by Dr Hui Jinhao of the Natural History Museum of Canton in China found Zhou, not a man, but instead has been identified as a female.

An artist’s impression shows a human skull of Zhou