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CINCINNATI (AP) — A new “anti-sodomy” law is getting a strong response. A group of people from Cincinnati have joined forces to protest the proposal, taking to the streets, writing, speaking, and posting messages in support of the law.

At first blush, they probably weren’t expecting to end up in front of Justice of the Peace Robert G. McCulloch. So they got a couple of things right, even if they didn’t do too great of a job.

Police say the group is nonviolent yet disruptive, a little loud, and loud enough that other people outside could hear something’s going on.

“To see your words of support being carried out with violence, when your words of support can be heard even in that area, I think is the very definition of intimidation,” said police Capt. Michael Rafferty.

The law is part of the controversial “religious liberty” bill being considered on the Indiana Senate floor. It would allow religious institutions to refuse services based on their religious beliefs; the only difference would be they could still be required to provide services.

Supporters say it’s the way many Americans have fought for religious freedom for years. Opponents, including the U.S. Justice Department and the ACLU, say it’s an attack on the First Amendment.

The group of protesters began a Facebook event with phrases such as “The freedom to believe and the freedom from religion have been central to all religions for eons.”

Many were offended when they learned it would be their friends and neighbors marching in support of the law.

“I saw it as an attempt at intimidation against LGBTQ people,” said Kelli Deering, who got a tattoo of the rainbow flag for her boyfriend, Jake Smith. “It’s just like a hateful act against anyone that doesn’t agree in some way.”

While the group isn’t advocating for an outright ban on same-sex relationships, Deering says they hope to keep the door open to a broader conversation about faith.

“I was shocked about how many people were offended by that,” said Deering. “Most people I know who are religious are Christians … I was really hoping it would go to the other side.”

Supporters of the