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What is C graphite pencil? Where can I get one?

An F-graphite pencil features a core of graphite that is a little wider and longer than a normal pencil. This results in a thicker and more robust core, that when cut and soldered together, results in a pencil with a larger diameter pencil head for added performance.

How to clean a graphite pencil?

Cleaning a graphite pencil is always a great idea and, if done incorrectly and at wrong times, the consequences can be serious. When cleaning, never touch the graphite with your fingers and always rinse your hand with water to lessen the damage that will take place when cleaning.

Another thing to do is to use a fine-toothed implement such as a paper pick or pen to remove graphite flakes and smelly materials from the core of the pencil.

Note: Do not use a cleaning fluid such as water, alcohol or acetone as you might harm the core by leaving it wet in the solvent.

How can I remove graphite stains?

Stains caused by a damaged or deteriorated core are easily removed by sanding. Do this by lightly sanding the surface after applying glue or adhesive. After each sanding of the surface or with sandpaper, wipe off excess sand with a rag or towel.

How can I protect my graphite pencil from accidental spills?

If you experience a drop of an errant pencil, do not use it as the core will be damaged. To avoid it, store your pencil well away from others such as an office desk or in the tool chest. A well-protected core will not leave visible marks or ink stains on your pages or drawings which will make them harder to locate by cleaning.

What is a black marker?

A black marker is an eraser that is used to remove errant pencil marks. Black markers are a popular tool for removing permanent ink scratches and do not take ink off damaged print.

Note: Before using a black marker, test it by dipping the marker in water to see how it reacts.
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Can I use white markers?

A white marker is used to take an errant white pencil and write your name or a word in black ink at the line of errant pencil marks that have been removed. White markers tend to be less visible than a black marker in most cases, but can often be more conspicuous on ink-damaged pages. They can assist in identifying an

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