What is an F graphite pencil?

An F graphite pencil is a graphite pencil that uses more graphite in the core, rather than graphite in the core only. This type of pencil works well on graphite, with no problems working on graphite.

What is an A graphite pencil?

An A graphite pencil is a graphite pencil that uses less graphite in the core and more in the shell. This graphite pencil works well on graphite, with a little problem working on graphite.

What is a C graphite pencil?

A C graphite pencil is a graphite pencil that features a small gap in the core of the graphite pencil. This gap has the effect of providing a more consistent tone of graphite, but makes the pencil harder to sharpen. With a C graphite pencil, the pencil is a little more light than the A graphite pencil.

What are the differences between A, B, C, D and E grades that are commonly found on pencils?

Common grades are given according to the thickness of the core. Core thickness refers to the outermost thickness of the core that’s required to hold the pencil at its sharp point. These are the grades that are generally found on pencils: A, B, C – the thicker the core, the more likely it is to make a fine pencil. C and D are for “cuttings” (the most delicate pencils) and E is for “fine” grades of graphite.

Common names are:

Cuttings- the most delicate pencils

Fine-grade (or cut) graphite pencils


How do I know what grade a pencil is?

Most of the time, someone who is not an art pencil expert can tell you the grade, as it’s a little easier than learning it’s thickness (or cutting edge). You will usually learn the grading of graphite by looking at a pencil in-hand. Once you have found it, you’ll have a great handle on how large of a percentage will cut.

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However, when you go to buy your first pencil, you can check the grading of your own pencil in the same way. Most pencils are a little thinner than you’d expect; the thickness may be a little less than what is specified in your pencil box. Check for an A or B grade by gently pulling the pencil into your hand and gently measuring the thickness of the core