What is free drawing? – Simple Colored Pencil Drawings Blending Brush

Free drawing is usually an opportunity to express oneself in many different forms—be it visual or written. Some people see in free drawing a direct way to express themselves, and others think that it allows them to do what they already do well: draw.

However, it is not free to draw—it is free to express yourself in your own way but not necessarily in the same sense you do it. You need to know some basic concepts about drawings and how to draw well before diving in.

The first issue that needs to be solved is your drawing surface. There is no rule about where one should draw, but the general rule is that you should draw in a plane of your drawing surface.

The rules here is simple: you should make a plane of whatever drawing surface you can, and draw on that surface. If you are drawing on the bottom of a page, you must draw inside of the page. If you are drawing on a flat canvas (the paper you use to draw on), draw on the side of the paper facing away from you. If you are drawing on a piece of paper, draw on the top page.

To illustrate this, I draw on my own drawing surface. This means that I draw onto the page and not off it as you do on paper. To draw on a paper surface, your finger is placed over a pencil. This holds it straight. When you move your finger, the pencil gets curved. This makes it impossible for your finger to be perfectly straight to draw straight on the paper.

To avoid this happening, place your finger over the edge of your drawing surface and draw straight on. If you don’t understand, that’s okay. It might take a year of practice but it won’t hurt at all to just try.
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To practice drawing straight, do a lot of practice drawing straight lines on your drawing surface (for example, on the page where it will appear on the screen). If you want to practice drawing from different angles, try drawing from opposite ends of your drawing surface (say from the top and bottom of the paper, and from the opposite side of your paper).

Drawing is hard work, but it is not impossible. You just have to know the basic fundamentals of drawing and how to get better at it.

Learn how to draw from different sides of paper.

Learn the general layout of your drawing surface (including how to set your own position).

Be aware of the space involved—do not

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