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An illustration is made up of a series of lines, shapes, strokes, colors and more. The illustration is then transformed into a physical object called a drawing. Drawing is a creative expression to showcase a subject or idea.

Who is an illustrator?

An illustrator is a person who applies his skills in the application of color and text to illustrate a story, create a picture, or draw a cartoon. The ability to draw involves drawing lines, colors and shapes and makes your drawings more beautiful.

What is it like to work with illustrators?

Working with illustrators is exciting and challenging at the same time. You work with an artist who is as innovative and unique as you are and you must trust his talent to develop an illustration for you.

For illustrators, collaboration is crucial to a successful collaboration – so much so that one artist may be drawing for more than one client or company at the same time.

Can I work with an illustrator who uses only pen and paper or digital?

No, pencil and paper is important as the art may not move as fast or have that natural feel you would ideally want if collaborating.

Can I work with an illustrator who is only digitally?

Yes, it is very easy to draw from either pencil and paper or digital.

Can I work with an illustrator who is only in-home?

In most instances you may be assigned an illustrator in your home, office or other location. If you have friends and colleagues that want to support you you can always ask if they need in-home support or just an opinion on an illustration before working with that illustrator.

Does anyone else need help with my work?

Of course! If people need help with an illustration, they are welcome to contact you. Please, be honest and honest in the process and make sure to ask if someone wants to help you. It is very hard to work with someone who may ask you ridiculous things.

For additional questions or advice please email us or call 1-800-222-6272.

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