What is the best pencil for drawing?

The most useful one? It’s all of our concern now!”

There was no doubt in the girls’ mind, though, that drawing pencils for their class work was not that far from their current hobbies. So they continued to use their pencils at work, but even more eagerly.
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“Oops, that’s a pen. Sorry! What is it? Something about the way it writes?”

“Nah!” Sakura’s eyebrows were raised. “That’s pencil. It’s just for drawing. Also…”

“I’ll just use it to draw,” Sakura said, and then the whole class had to stare at her, in wonder. “Oh, I didn’t know you could draw! I thought you were just a drawing class or something…”

And then the girl with the pencil-filled nose was suddenly all smiles.

“Ah!” Sakura started, but it quickly became obvious that she was still in a daze. She tried to catch her breath again and asked, “W-what are we gonna-”

“Just use it!” Sakura said in a voice so very soft it was like nothing. “I know it’s weird, but you can use it, so… um… can I draw with it now?”

The girl nodded. “You sure do look cute today! How many people have you drawn?”

“That one’s too bright!”

“Oops!” Sakura tried to jump to her feet, but her legs were too slow and she stumbled awkwardly. “W-well actually, there actually is one more. I forgot!”

“Ah! One more!” The girl with the pencil-filled nose grinned. “Oh!” she looked pleased, “And I’m totally gonna draw with it, so no worries, Sakura-san! I mean… I am all up in the air with that book, but if we had more time we could just draw!”

“Ah, that sounds right.” But Sakura shook her head. This was not helping the issue at all. The others all laughed awkwardly in agreement at her friend’s idea and Sakura couldn’t help but giggle as she remembered it. It had been a while since she’d enjoyed something so silly! But that had already been taken away by some more ridiculous things that had happened. She looked past the other girls’ glee and her eyes found her own.

“So it’s just pencil-drawn?”

“Eh? No