What is the history of sketching?

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You’re asking what sketching is and the answer is not complicated, actually. It is the act of making a drawing by cutting something from one layer of plastic to another.

Why do we need to do a computer generated design rather than some simple sketch?

You just have to be able to put the parts in the right order so that they will fit together. In order to produce the right amount of parts you must know which parts are needed in the order they are built. You don’t need to be a graphic designer if you can’t do this. Also most of the designs that are available on the internet are done this way by using a computer program and printing them out on paper first.

How do I do the computer generated design at home?

Most people buy a kit made of plastic sheet and a few screws and bolts and then assemble the part at home. This is pretty tedious but it’s cheaper than having someone make it for you. The same parts which are purchased may be quite different than the design you plan to make, so you must be flexible and have a willingness to experiment. The only two components of your plastic parts which are essential (no glue, no tape, no wire) are the one with the arrow pointing up, and a very small amount of paper. You can’t afford to buy an expensive set of parts to start off with but once you learn to do it by trial and error, you can easily order the best parts possible in many different lengths along with many different color options.

How do I do my part in a particular type of plastic?

Most companies that produce plastic parts have a set of instructions for their parts that can be purchased by the buyer. Usually the instructions call for you to apply a color (black or clear) onto the part and then paint it. What color do I paint? If you’ve never tried colored plastic before, the color is important. If you do this at home, you need to experiment with the materials that you buy to find what will work best. I’ve found two materials that work quite well. First, there are colored acrylic paints which look like clear and transparent pieces of white acrylic. If you paint them on to the plastic of your watch, it should look like black plastic; if you go to a local place and paint them on to the watch, it will look like a metallic gray. You use a dark color so as it darkens it looks more like black, but if you want to go that