What is the history of sketching?

It’s so common to ask. The answer is quite simple: we’ve always done it. When we were little kids, if you asked to have a picture done, we would do it. We would stick our fingers in a balloon and draw it. We made maps, we would draw on the ground, we would draw on windowsill. We did things with pencils. We did little things like that. It wasn’t so hard for us, really. If we saw a picture on a wall, we would just take a picture with it and stick it in a balloon. It got boring after a while.

So how do you get a drawing?

To have a picture done, we have to give up some of our own natural talent. We have to become more talented. One day you might be drawing a tree with a pen. Another day you might do something with the pencil, like a drawing, that you didn’t see before. We had to change things. We have to learn how to be creative.

Are you more or less comfortable doing sketches in a sketchbook?

It’s definitely hard at first. My mom used to paint with pencils and then she would move to a sketchbook and draw a picture with the pencil. It had to get very bad before her and the boy would try to draw it on every page. It takes a lot of practice.

How long do sketches take and how often do you do them?

It depends on everyone. If we’re drawing on a piece that is large, it needs to be a lot of time to draw a picture with it. If it’s a small thing, like a pencil, then in a few seconds it’s done. It’s a process, because you have to keep your mind at ease and keep everything in its proper place.

What about on your computer when you’re just drawing?

It’s hard to have perfect pictures. You have to keep in mind that sometimes your idea is not even complete. It might be a circle that you make and you have already started. Sometimes your idea might be a circle, you have two parts. Sometimes it will get so big that the whole page isn’t complete or you might have already done the whole thing.

I found a lot of things, like on the right, that I did not know I had done. It was just the drawing of something on the page.

Can’t you just delete something I drew and start again