What is the softest drawing pencil?

My friend and I are always talking about this one pencil! It has a lot of flexibility, you can make everything in soft strokes or big circles! What is the best softness? The pen with the best softness is the F2 Pro with 100 points of pressure per inch! Can you tell me what is the best pencil? That would mean the pencil with 50,000 points- what a difference! I have a very soft pencil but a firm pencil is always a little painful! If I can’t tell you which way is better let’s look at some of the other tips. In the first section, I have some information on the right pressure and the right pressure. In the next section I have some examples of how you can make a soft stroke (big circles, etc.) with different pens. In the following section I have a list of some of the best soft pencils as well. Here are some tips from some of our customers on which softness they like best: “The Softest Pencils You Can Buy” (I would not buy these except at the end of my shopping spree) • The best soft pencil I have had was the F2 Platinum pen, it was very soft with 100 points of pressure per inch and no feathering at all. I am sure it has very smooth and soft lines- it is also very light – so you can make small delicate strokes that I would not call soft and I do not want to do. • This is a soft pencil that comes in a fine point model (I also like Fine, Medium and Broad and can use them if I can.)

• It doesn’t feather at all but it feels rough (I also like this and can use it if I have a very light pencil or no soft ball for the tip.) • The medium point is nice to have if you have a fountain pen with a very dark colored head- there may be some shading, so when you need a pencil to be very soft for dark shading you might want to use it with a medium size pencil.

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