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I have a pencil, but when you’ve got the art you want out, I would start by using a pencil to get a rough sense of shape, then I would do the same with my fingers to see if the shape matches the drawing. Then I would draw a sketch using my fingers and then, with my art, I would trace it on a piece of paper. Then I would scan the sheet of paper and go through every inch, and in general I find that drawing in pencils is probably the easier way to do this.

How would you sketch on one hand alone?

I would probably start with something simple. I’d start with a circle. Then I would sketch a little bit off and to the side, and then when I get into the details, I would go into the sketch more on the paper as well, so that’s probably where I would start if I wasn’t drawing on paper.

Now let’s look at the process I would take when I did do one handed sketching. There are four stages to sketching one hand. I would sketch the first idea, then add details, then go over it again.

The first stage would be to sketch the idea first. Then I’d add a little bit onto it and then go and make the actual drawing and then, at that stage, I would go over it back again and try and figure out where the lines were and if I could just draw those out, that would be the next stage.

Then I would draw out the sketch and go back and add as much detail as possible, and then it’s just going to go through the whole sketch stage.

The final stage is to go back and make a final drawing of the entire sketch. When I do, I would start with the sketch first, and then once I get into the details and really working through it, they will add as much detail as possible, and then when it’s finished to scan it, get a scan of it and go through the whole process again, and once it is finished, I will get a photocopy to keep. Then I will go through it again and scan it and go through it again so that it is not the actual pencil sketch I have drawn on the paper.

How would you describe a hand?
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The hands are definitely not hands, I mean I would call them fingers. It’s not actually a finger, it’s more like a pencil that you use to draw with. It’s about

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