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A – 1b. When we look at how the eye moves during daytime or nighttime, it appears that the darker eye is moving faster than the lighter one. When we look at a photograph that is both night time and daytime the eye appears to move more slowly. This is what we call in our work the “dusky” effect, and is what makes our eyelids appear to move. While you might have heard this term used to describe a dark eye, it is not a reference to the difference between daylight and darkness, but to the way that light travels through the eye. The light travels through the optic nerve and then out through the eye and then back through the optic nerve. The faster that part of light travels through the optic nerve, the more dark the iris appears, since this part of the optic nerve is the least mobile part of the eye.

If you look at photo 1 a dark color eye may be better known as the “dusky” eye that is moving much slower than the light eye (if you can tell what color the iris looks like from that image). You might also say this is the “jaw-drop” effect – an iris that appears to move much slower than the color (when compared against the other eye’s color).



Eyes that appear to move slowly (usually because of the amount of information that they take in, how much muscle power they use and the amount of volume that they store) are known as slow-moving eyes. They are also known as “lazy” or “non-moving” eyes. The eye is the slowest eye, but also the most powerful. Therefore, with the highest light sensitivity people who appear to move slowly may actually be making some eye movements! The faster the blinking the faster the eye moves.


Fast moving eyes (the ones with blinking in their eyes) are known as “light-fast” eyes. Light-fast eyes are also known as “fast-moving eyes,” “slow-moving eyes,” “eye-less eyes,” and “slow-eye eyes.” Light-fast eyes are often referred to as “lazy” or “non-moving eyes.” They are very fast in their blinking and will quickly blink out of existence (if eyes are not working well they will not blink out of existence). While I tend to be more prone to not blinking for about 15

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