Which is darker 2b or HB? – Graphite Pencil Definition

2d or HSV2+2B



How long do I have to wait before getting a full vaccine from a store?

2 month or less

10-15 days

15-30 days

30-90 days

90-180 days

1 year or more

1-5 years

What kind of vaccine do I need to take right away or have before travelling?

2 vials

3-4 doses

5-10 doses

Why is my vaccine less powerful in the USA?

2 of each vaccine type

3 of the 5 vaccines are called ‘seroregulin’ (in 1-3), so you have 3 vials of seroregulin each;

All 5 vaccines contain 3 active ingredients in the vials. These are:

Serostim (serratia/serotica)



Which viruses are safe from the shots given by vaccines?

1. Measles (MMR) (vaccines given by mouth or nasal)

2. Rubella (oral) (vaccines given by mouth/nose)

3. Rotavirus (oral) (vaccines given by mouth/nose)

4. Hepatitis B (oral) (vaccines given by mouth/nose)

What are the pros and cons of each type of vaccine?

There is a major difference between the 2 recommended vaccine strains –

1v. MMR and

2v. Pertussis with DTaP

1v: the measles vaccine is the most common in the USA.

2. The measles and tetanus are very common, but the rubella and polio are less common in the USA.

Do the shots given by the vaccines protect against any other diseases that are similar or identical in theory to a disease from any other source? Examples of similar diseases are measles, mumps, polio, meningitis, etc.


Do the vaccinations given by the vaccines protect against other diseases such as meningitis, tuberculosis, or influenza?


1v. MMR and

2v. Pertussis with DTaP

Have any of the previous vaccines given by the same company caused

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