Which pencils are used for sketching?

How do the nibs work? Where should you begin to learn them?

The main difference between this tutorial and “how to use” is that I want to provide clear information with no unnecessary explanations. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of these pencils. You will see how to use the traditional “straight pencil.” Learn how to create a circle with your dot pen. Read on and read until you can draw what you need, and you won’t be disappointed.

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If you follow any of my tutorials, you will get to see every single step on how to properly use each of these pencils. All examples, all drawings, and all illustrations, will be given inside this tutorial.

You will never be disappointed if you stick with my tutorial. There will be an explanation of how to use a certain pencil to draw specific designs. After reading this article, it will be easy for you to take back to the pencils and be inspired to draw again!

All pencils will fit within our drawing pens that can be purchased here.

Basic Tips

All of the examples and photos in this article are from my own imagination and were never actualized by me. Everything I include below are the examples I saw in stores or online!

Before you begin, take a look at my page on how to draw a circle with a dot pen. The examples provided are from my own interpretation. There are many different methods that can be used to create a circle with a dot pen, including how to draw the circle with a small circle of pencil that would be a very helpful tool. For the examples I’m presenting below, I’ve used the same method I use with my real circle of pencil!

Here is the image from drawing circles with a dot pen.

Now you have a chance to check how easy it is to draw what you want. Try experimenting with different designs with different sizes!

The basics of using a pencil to draw circles can be taught to anyone who wants to learn. The most important part of using a pencil is practice. The most difficult part to getting used to a pencil is to learn to hold the pen correctly. The best thing about drawing with a pencil is that you can use them without putting much pressure on the pencil while drawing. You will learn to hold the pen perfectly in your hands and not put too much pressure on the eraser while drawing.

The first thing you learn in drawing with a pencil is where the tip of the pencil is