Do you need a permit to sell dogs? – Great Pet Business Ideas

No, only trained professionals are eligible, just like people can purchase guns.

There’s no one at the door of the shop who looks like they’re “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. They’re the ones who walk a dog and feed the cats.

We do our best to make the dogs and cats healthy enough to be taken off of these small islands off the coast of North Carolina where dogs are hunted to extinction. Our goal is to work with animal shelters and rescue groups around the nation to help their most precious animals, and to educate people about safe dog ownership practices using the same knowledge they’ve gained from watching their pets.

If someone needs a pet for their job they’re certainly not going to get one from us. What about a friend who has a great dog or cats, or a family that just needs a pet for an occasional vacation? If those concerns are well thought out, I’ll happily work with those people as well. But you’ll still likely be looking out for your own health and safety when choosing a pet.

My pet will do well in a home where it has a strong enough bond with the owner that it’s always available for the person’s use and comfort. My dogs and cats are well adjusted outside of their homes, so I’ve tried to maintain that environment as much as possible without any danger. That said…

Are there any breed policies?

We don’t have any breed restrictions for service dogs, or any particular breeds for either our dogs or cats.

We are just happy to welcome healthy individuals into our home for any reason, no matter what we’re eating or what we’re watching on TV!

I am not a dog owner, do you provide transportation for dogs?

No. We are not responsible for transportation of your furry friend, we are not a “service dog” business and we don’t carry the dog’s tag.

Do you provide “shredding” services for dogs?

Sorry, we have no shredding services. If someone asks you to shred or treat a dog, ask your landlord/owner to do so for you as they are responsible for that responsibility.

What’s the price schedule for a dog?

Generally between $40 and $150 per pound. Most dogs have a maximum of 50 pounds, as puppies can go as big as 20 lbs at time.

Please note: there will likely be delays at the shops, for which we’ll provide food

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